Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Learning Racquetball

At gym class today, the kids were learning how to play racquetball.  Rather than hitting the wall with her ball, Lizzie persisted in lobbing the ball with her racket directly towards her partner.  So while the teacher was working with some of the other kids, I noted to Lizzie that the idea was to aim the ball towards the wall so that it would bounce off of it and so that her partner could run for the ball to try to hit it back.

She gave me a look of wonder, raised her arms up into the air, and said (in a condescending voice that was meant to make me feel silly), "Why?  That makes no sense, Mommy.  My friend is right there...why would I hit the ball towards the wall instead of to her?  Huh?"

Because it's not tennis, Lizzie.  It's racquetball.

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