Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Quiet Day

I love quiet days at home (well, as quiet as a household can be with three very loud children living in it), especially after a number of busy days.  The lead-up to Easter weekend was a little busier than usual this year, because my brother and SIL were in town and we ended up hosting a group of seventeen for dinner and a lovely evening on Sunday.  The days since then have been busy, too, but good.

And then there's today.  I'm anticipating a quiet day.  We have no plans.  I sigh just knowing that; it can be tiring after days and weeks of running around every day - you know what I'm talking about.

It's raining outside and I can hear the patter of drops falling gently on the roof.  I have fruit sliced, Ethiopian honey bread rising in the oven, and my home-brewed version of spiced chai tea simmering on the stovetop, all in anticipation of a lazy, mid-morning breakfast with the kids...there's nothing quite like dunking fresh, warm bread into spiced tea.

The kids and I will likely stay in our PJs or sweats all day, and I anticipate reading them stories for a couple of hours a little later on.  Most likely we'll pull on rubber boots this afternoon and go for a walk in the puddles.  I hope the experience is as good as the plan.

Mornings aren't always this peaceful, but it sure is nice when one comes along once in a while.  Oh, and today is Thursday, which means it's my night out tonight.  No big plans - likely trying to catch up on watching Neufeld dvds at the nearby Starbucks.  But still...tonight should be a continuation of a lovely, peaceful (hopefully!) day.

Whatever you're doing, wherever you are, may you also enjoy a little peace, a little quiet, today.



P.S.  After serving up the Ethiopian honey bread, I asked Seth how he liked it.  He said "amazing," but then changed his mind.  "This bread isn't just amazing, Mom.  This bread is love."  He was just speaking off the cuff and didn't really know consciously what he was saying, but I think what he understands at some level is that the honey bread is comfort food to him and that my making it is about understanding that.

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  1. Sounds lovely Ruth- enjoy your quiet day!