Monday, December 2, 2013

Dr. Lizzie on Call

A few weeks ago, Matthew announced one morning that he was feeling terrible.  He lay down on the bathroom floor with a sore tummy and declared that he might throw up.

As has so often has been the case, when one of the boys is sick, Lizzie took over and wanted to take care of him.  On several occasions that girl has struck me as a doctor-or-nurse-in-the-making, and this day was no exception.  

She immediately ran to get her favourite little blanket to cover him up with.   Then she ran for her (toy) doctor's kit!

She listened to his heart beat and declared him sick.

She felt his forehead for fever and said that he was very hot with a "very big fever."  
She then crumpled up and wet a few kleenexes and held it to his forehead to cool him off.
Then, plunking herself down on the floor beside Matt, she took a pen and notepad out of her doctor's kit and made some 'notes.'  She told me that she was making notes about his fever and heart beat.

She brought Matthew water and a vomit bucket...

...and provided him with as much TLC as he could handle.

It really was quite a beautiful thing to watch:  Both Lizzie's desire to take care of Matthew; and his willingness to let her!

Lizzie was almost disappointed when it turned out that his stomach issues were actually hunger pains!!

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