Sunday, December 1, 2013

Christmas is Coming, Christmas is Coming

Have I mentioned it before?  In case you haven't heard, I love the Christmas season!

I love reading the bible and other stories that remind us of the birth of Christ and of the fun we enjoy with family and friends; I love the decorations and oohing and aahing at the lights on neighbours' houses; I love baking and preparing fancy little treats; I love celebrating Advent, which we will start today; I love standing out in the cold as we pick out a tree (which we will do this afternoon); I love the smells of pine needles and baking and decoration boxes being opened up after a year in hibernation; I love the crafts that the kids make throughout the month of December; I love helping the kids put together the annual gingerbread house; I love the church services in the lead- up to Christmas Eve; I love singing the carols, even though I forget the words to all of the second verses; I love buying gifts for loved ones and seeing the kids' faces when they open up some treasure they've been wanting their whole life; I love the classical and choral and worship and instrumental and jazz and silly varieties of Christmas music that drift through our house during this season...

...and I could really go on and on.

It is the first day of December and let the festivities begin!  My Christmas baking is all done and so today, to accompany the tree decorating, we will enjoy a feast of sweets and treats, and wash it all down with egg nog and music.

To officially usher in this month of wonder, enjoy Pentatonix's versions of The Drummer Boy and Carol of the Bells.

Happy December, friends!


  1. Merry first day of December! I'm excited for the holiday season too. Wishing you peace, joy, and love throughout the season!

  2. Thanks Sharla...and many wishes for peace, joy and love coming your way, too!

    Have a wonderful December!