Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Matthew's Jokes

Matthew has recently begun to make up's easy to see that his sense of humour is developing as he gets a bit older.  Some of the jokes we laugh at politely, and others generate pretty genuine and enthusiastic responses.  Here are a few from the past number of weeks that I remember because they're short!


Q.  Why did the chicken cross the road twice?

A.  Because he's a double crosser!


Q.  What did one cloud say to another?

A.  I'm in a dark mood!


Q.  What did one recycle bin say to the other?

A.  I'm feeling blue.


Q.  What did the muscle man say to the teddy?

A.  I'm going to beat the stuffing out of you!

I'm so glad I get to helps me to remember these small things that I'd otherwise forget!!


  1. Ah yes. The nine year old joke stage. Very familiar with that. We have recently added another twist to it in that now we have three year old brother imitating nine year old brother's "funny" jokes. It makes for some very interesesting drives in the car. It has been interesting to listen to the joke telling ability evolve and mature. Enjoy!

  2. ha ha ha. Those are hilarious! You can tell him I laughed out loud!
    On a pedagogical note, the ability to enjoy the slipperiness of language, puns, double meanings, etc, and to play with language, is a very significant stage/leap in a child's language development. Do you know the children's versions of the books "Eats, Shoots and Leaves"? I bet Matthew would love them now. Really good for exploring language meanings and punctuation and they are hilariously funny. Maybe he'd enjoy making his own little book based on the pictures and ideas in those books (by Lynne Trusse). "Eats, Shoots & Leaves: Why, Commas Really do make a difference!"; The Girl's Like Spaghetti, Why you can't manage without apostrophes"; and: Twenty-Odd Ducks: Why every punctuation mark counts". The children in my class Matthew's age read them over and over until they were tattered. And their punctuation skills got better and better. The books were so funny it really motivated them to think about punctuation and experiment more with using it themselves.
    I'm glad to have some new jokes in my repertoire. thanks for that.

  3. I will pass along your laughter over lunch in a few minutes Jackie! And thanks for knowledge about language development and for the great book ideas...I'll look them up at our library - thanks soo much!! Love it!

    Ellen, sounds like you're going through similar stuff around your house - too funny!