Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Worst Garage Sale in History

It was a wee bit embarrassing...I'll be honest.  I snuck back inside as often as I could, until the kids would plead with me to come back out because "it's more fun when you're out there with us, Mom" (a hard notion to resist).

It was Monday, and my kids couldn't wait for Saturday, which is the day they'd planned to hold a lemonade stand.  They decided to hold a garage sale that very afternoon and, to that end, made a few dozen origami hats and paper airplanes after completing their math work.  They threw (literally) those things, along with a handful of trinkets from their toy collections (including a bottle cap!), into a large cooler, put up a sign advertising these things for sale "by donation" and waited at the end of the driveway for the masses to arrive carrying their wallets.

Every time a car came down the street, the kids all started hollering (and let me remind you that I have very very loud children so they are not to be ignored) and waving at the drivers and, as the majority of drivers drove right past them (usually waving), the kids ran alongside for as long as possible, yelling their encouragement to drive around the block and come back to stop at their sale.  They did have the thought of putting out plastic glasses of ice water to offer for free to their paying customers and people seemed to appreciate this.

Really, all I can say is that we have kind neighbours.  The kids amassed a whopping $13.80 for their paper folds and other bits of crap, in addition to receiving large chocolate bars from our kindly next-door neighbour.  They're already asking to do the whole garage sale thing again, but I cannot bear to prevail upon our neighbours again so soon and so I've said that we must wait for a while!

I'm hoping that this garage sale experience is not indicative of any entrepreneurial interests.

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