Sunday, September 8, 2013

Deleted Comment

Ellen, I accidentally deleted your comment (pressed 'delete' instead of 'publish') but thanks for writing it.  I've been thinking about you back at school, and I hope it's been a good start...despite finding it hard to be away from the boys.



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  1. Not a problem. That's something I would do.
    On the school front things have gone quite/amazingly well. I changed grades and therefore have a completely new to me class, which is pretty much unheard of in my teeny tiny school. It is refreshing to have new, younger, excited to be at school faces looking back at me.
    On the home front, C is excited to be back at school despite some nerves the week before. I just can not believe he's in grade four. How did that happen? As for A, well, I decided this weekend to try to back up as far as attachment work to see if that helps him with how he's feeling about it all and how he's coping.