Friday, August 23, 2013

So Much 'Stuffs' Going On

Lizzie always cracks me up with some of her slightly-skewed word issues.  For example, she cannot seem to remember that the word is 'stuff' rather than 'stuffs.'

"Mommy, may I keep this stuffs?"
"Mommy, look at all of this stuffs."
"Mommy, should I pack some stuffs to go to the cottage?"

It's cute.

Well, let me say this...

...My goodness, I have so much stuffs rattling around in the old brain bucket - I can hardly contain it all (though admittedly my brain is often short on capacity!).  I've begun to draft at least four or five extensive posts based on what seems to need to come out of my processing, but I am finding no time to finish any of them.  I suspect it's going to be a week or more before any of them is in at least a semi-finished format that would enable me to press 'publish.'

I may have mentioned that I'm about half way through a six-month+ Intensive course on Neufeld developmental theory.  The idea is that each participant spends time privately viewing 20-25 hours of Gordon Neufeld on DVD, over the course of about six months.  About every month during that time, all of the participants get together for 3-4 hours to discuss the material, review it, pose questions, talk about its application and its impact on us as individuals, etc

I am behind in preparation for the next group meeting.  Before our next meeting on Tuesday evening, I need (and want) to spend several hours watching content.  It's silly of me to leave it so late in the game, because it's so much more meaningful when I have time also to process what I'm learning.  But I've been in a state of relative malaise over the course of the summer and, with a lot of stuff going through my head these days, to press 'play' on the DVDs has seemed impossible.  Once I'm into it, it's awesome and I'm captivated, but to actually start has proven difficult.  But somehow this weekend, I need to get a bunch of hours in...and I always find that for every hour of DVD watching, it takes me almost two to actually complete it.  Between processing things and making some notes, it's exactly what the course title suggests:  Intense!

But I'm loving it.  Our Intensive group facilitator, Pamela Whyte, is second to none - she's one of the most gifted people I've ever met and she happens also to be the private consultant that Geoff and I see regularly in support of our parenting journey.  I really enjoy the group members, too:  All women; all engaged in a Neufeld-style approach to the children in their lives - some as parents (including other adoptive parents), others as professionals (eg. teachers, psychologists, school counsellors).  It's a wonderful mix of people and I'm excited to go again.

Now I just have to gear up to find both the time and the mental energy to press 'play.'

Oh, and take care of the kids.

So much stuffs to deal with.  :)


  1. Where's our stuff? By "stuff," of course, I mean your writing... or you.. Hope you're coming back to this space soon! PS. I tried to comment on something about a couple of weeks back, but the programme seemed to jimmy things up... not sure what happened.

  2. Thanks Tammy...I'm back...just busy! Thanks for missing me!! :)


  3. YoooHooo where are youooooo? Hope all is well.

  4. I'm here, I'm here...just put out a new post. More coming, Missy! Thanks for caring!!