Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Part of Me

A few weeks ago I was wondering if I should stop writing my blog.  I wasn't feeling terribly inspired (or maybe I was just tired), I was getting very little feedback from readers despite high readership (which makes me wonder if my writing is just not connecting with people any more), and somehow writing wasn't a priority (which meant it wasn't getting done as often).

But then other weeks the words just flow out of me...I have no choice but to write.  I really can't predict the ebb and flow of things.  But it's been definitely flowing of late.  I've written some posts that, for me, have been fairly intense and thought-consuming and time consuming.  They're tiring to write, especially because it's usually late at night when I have the time and focus to put pen to paper (well, fingers to keyboard).  But I felt it necessary to write them, if only to help me work out my thoughts on the issues, but also to help other parents who might be struggling with the same issues that I struggle with and to offer some (perhaps) different perspectives.

I love these weeks when the words need to come out.  These are the weeks when I feel most fulfilled - because I am both fully engaged as a parent, and simultaneously working something out that is important to me at a private level.

I wish I had a concept around which to write a book...not because I have any illusions of grandeur, but because I just have this need to write.  I love to see words on paper.  I love to form words on paper.  I love to think things through and wrestle them onto the page even when they're unwilling and I love to scratch things out and try again until the words carry the right nuance, flavour.  I've started several writing projects over the years, but nothing has ever felt right...and so I've dropped them all...except for my blog, which I've kept going for four years now.

Writing is my outlet.  My space.  I may not continue to keep a blog forever, but there's no doubt that writing in some form or another is here to stay.


  1. What??? You're not going to write a blog forever??? ;-)

  2. Oh, keep going Ruth. I killed my blog because I was so tired of feeling like I had to watch every word (you know the story) but I do enjoy reading your words. I just don't comment much - for a variety of reasons. Sometimes I agree, sometimes I don't, and I sometimes I wish I lived a few provinces closer so we could have a good discussion!

  3. Getting readers to comment is always an issue... I work on another blog that has a good readership but rarely gets comments. As a reader, I almost consider it a duty to respond... like it's my side of the bargain! Perhaps people feel like they really need to have something big to say to warrant commenting... that's how I was in university, forcing myself to "participate" to get a good mark!

    And yes, writing projects. I've thought myself that there's a book or several in you! I certainly know of several bloggers cum print authors. Their books are not a direct transliteration of their blogs, but I imagine the blog posts as drafts or notes or even chapters. I think a blog is a great way to sneak up on a book and not get overwhelmed. Keep writing... because you have to, primarily, and because it's great stuff.

  4. No worries...I'm not stopping my blog at this point...I suppose I was just speaking about my feeling a few weeks ago when I felt all dried up.

    Thanks for the thoughts, Tammy...and nice to know you think I have a book somewhere in me!

    And C, I, too, wish we lived closer 'cause I suspect we'd be having LOTS of good discussions over a nice pot of tea (or Ethiopian coffee!).

    Thanks folks!