Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Speaking About Birthdays (sort of)...Help!!

...any idea what to buy for the guy who really needs nothing and wants nothing?

Although I am now completely prepared for the kids' upcoming birthdays, I am stumped, absolutely stumped about what to buy for Geoff's b-day.  I've been thinking about this for months and am not much farther ahead than I was at the front end.  He doesn't read my blog so I can post this here! :)

I'm not supposed to be talking about the fact that he is turning 50 next week - he does not want this special milestone acknowledged (some kind of mid-life crisis thing going on, I suspect), and I have been forced to promise that there will be no surprise parties, no flamingos on the lawn...absolutely nothing like that.  I will honour those promises and so we will be sticking to a simple family dinner here that I will cook next week.  And if you happen to see him or talk to him, please do not refer to my blog's noting of his age or talk about his upcoming milestone birthday...you'll be sending me to the doghouse!!

But I'd so love to get him a nice gift.  He's a man with few hobbies.  He works and drives a lot and spends time with the kids and me.

I'm thinking of adding Sirius radio capacity to his car because he has a long commute to work every day, but don't even know how to go about doing that.  I'd also love to send him away for a weekend somewhere (a quiet spiritual retreat, maybe with a round of golf thrown in) but have no idea where that would be (suggestions?).  I'm open to pretty much any idea right about now.

If you have suggestions, I'm all ears!!!


  1. This may be smaller than you are looking for, but my guys gave me a custom cell phone cover with a favorite family photo on it...best. present. ever. They ordered it online...actually two phone covers, so now I have to choose which image I want on my phone.

  2. My husband got himself some great hybrid (no name) irons that he just loves, and the place in the US has the most outstanding customer service. They were a fraction of the price of the branded ones. Msg me on FB if you want the link to the website. If he likes to golf, that is. :)

  3. Hi Ruth,
    Aren't husbands impossible to buy for? I always struggle with what to get mine. Some ideas for you(1) a real shave at a local salon (I can give you the name in an e-mail if interested). It is like a spa visit for a man. :) They massage his head, use lotion and shave him with a brush and straight edge razer. (2) Speaking of spas- the haman experience at our local hotel spa is apparently to die for. You could make it into a couples night followed by dinner (3) a photo book with pictures of him through the years paying tribute to what a great man/dad he is (4) My husband gave me Sirius radio for my birthday and I LOVE it. I could find out how he did it for you if you want. (5) I believe Hecla has reopened and has great hiking/spa/golf. Elkhorn is also nice. Hope that helps :)

  4. Hmmm, well, uh, how about a night of unbridled passion? Meet him somewhere for a drink and then surprise him with a nice hotel room. I can't think of many men who wouldn't love to celebrate like that! Yeah, maybe you don't want to post this comment. lol

  5. Thanks for the suggestions and keep 'em coming...

    Missy, I think that I shall tactfully remain mum on the subject! Thanks for the laugh!! :)


  6. I like the Sirius Radio idea. After having it for a few years, I don't know if I could give it. Definitely one of my favourite things.