Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Mama Break #2

Yes, Heidi, today was better, thanks!

Like yesterday, I had no desire to do projects at home, so I basically ended up running errands (after getting another coffee treat - yes, Charity, we must have very similar tastes).  Errands were sooooo easy to complete without three hyper kids in tow...amazing!

We're getting ready for a family wedding this weekend, as well as for three birthdays in the next 2.5 weeks (Geoff's, Lizzie's, and Seth's...plus my Dad's, my Mom's, my BIL's, and mine!) and so I finished my birthday-gift shopping for the kids (I luxuriated in spending almost an hour in an awesome toy store, just wandering the aisles before making decisions), finished my birthday party prep/shopping for both kids (loot bag stuff, napkins/plates/etc, etc etc), did a grocery shop, dropped off my new dress for this weekend's wedding at the alterations place so that they could fix up the slightly droopy neckline (and got stabbed by a pin by the otherwise lovely woman who was fitting me), stopped to pick up a delivery, made a quick pit-stop to buy a few water guns and magnified insect collection containers for the kids, picked up Lizzie's ready-to-go flower girl dress from the dress shop, and so on.  And I made it back to pick up the kids with fifteen minutes to spare, which meant I got to watch them for a bit and chat with another mom.  It was a very productive morning - that would normally take me all day to get done with the kids, or I'd have to split the tasks over two days!

I could grow to like this!

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