Saturday, March 19, 2011


I'm not big on statistics, but the odds don't look good that we'll pass court tomorrow night (which is Monday morning in Ethiopia); we will most likely be delayed again.  Between the court reducing the number of files they look at each day, the backlog of files that have already accumulated over the past week of the five files/day rule, the high number of families who have likely been scheduled or rescheduled for Monday's court, all of the new Mowa staff who have just (this week) replaced the former staff, and a bunch of other factors...the probability of our passing is, well, not exactly in our favour.

My emotions have been up and down like a yo yo over the past week.  I'm been snarly, impatient and unquestionably annoying at some points; and cheerful, optimistic and kinda normal at other times.  My mood can fluctuate pretty wildly over the span of just five minutes, and heaven help you if you catch the wrong end of that pendulum.  This isn't the norm for me...I'm usually a pretty stable, rock-like kinda of gal when it comes to mood and level-headedness.

The thing that calms me down when I'm at my worst, and really it's the only thing that calms me down when I'm in this state, is remembering that even if I don't know the outcome already, God does.  He has a plan for us, and He has a plan for our children.  He loves us all and wants the best for us.  And I believe that He wants these children to join our family...I've believed that since I was about fifteen years old and had the vision.  And He is a God of miracles...which is exactly what it will be if we do pass on Monday.

I'll be so glad when Monday arrives and we just know, one way or another.  I imagine we'll get a call sometime Monday morning, letting us know what happened.  No worries, I'll post our news soon after we get it.  In the meantime, if you believe in the power of prayer, please pray for a miracle: for us; as well as for the other three Imagine families who share our court date.

Thanks.  Until Monday then,



  1. I`m sending all my positive vibes your way:)

  2. I hate the uncertainties you and so many are facing. I was talking to my grandma yesterday, and she was telling me about this family who has court on Monday in Ethiopia and they had already been there but "Ethiopia sent them home"- turns out it was you! (I love hearing how people interpret the different stages). And small world- not only did i meet your parents while at my Grandma and their church in the fall, but I also find out when you just got married, my Grandpa was pastoring in Ontario and you lived there too! Now we just have to meet in person!
    Praying for you to be filled with peace that isn't humanly possible. Oh- and that you hear that you belong to your kids on paper too!

  3. ooops.. that was actually from me...

  4. praying your miracle happens tomorrow.

  5. Sending prayers and hugs your way for your family today and tonight....All things are possible with God! ( and a judge who doesn't seem to be particularly impressed with MOWA!)

  6. Hi Ruth. I hear you - tomorrow can't come soon enough. I can't wait to hear some news, and even if it means that the MOWA letter isn't written yet, I hope that at least we'll finally be in the backlog queue. Hope you are at peace today while you wait!

  7. HI Ruth,
    Likely won't be at KM today as I have a cold. My immunity has been playing tricks on me this winter. I just wanted to send my love to you Geoff and Matthew for tomorrow. Stay strong!

  8. Definitely praying for a miracle. Thinking of you and hoping for good news.

  9. Thanks everyone, for the support, prayers and well wishes...I'll take 'em all.

    Ramona, that's too funny about your Grandma filling you in about us...I guess my parents have been talking...I wonder what version THEY had of where we're at in the process! And yes, I think we must meet at some point...fortunately, that should be possible.

    Blessings all,


  10. HI Ruth
    I hope you are sound asleep by the time you see this comment , even if I am sure sleep will be hard to find.
    Sending you love and prayers and great vibes both for the miracle your family so deserves as well as peace and sleep in these stressful times
    Much love

  11. Ruth,
    You have our prayers!
    I hope you can get some rest tonight and that tomorrow brings good news.

  12. Wishing for magical things to happen over night . . . may March 21, 2011 be the day you add two more your your family!

    Deep breaths!

  13. Praying much through the day thoughts and prayers with you..praying for a GREAT phone call tomorrow, and all thru the night, His peace. darci

  14. Dear Ruth,
    I just said a prayer for your family.
    Thinking of you,

  15. Just wanted to let you know that I prayed for your family. Hoping it's good news in the morning.