Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Bouncing's What Tigger Does Bestest

When Matthew was quite a bit younger, he loved, loved a board book about Winnie the Pooh's Tigger. The book came complete with buttons to press whenever certain words were to be read out loud.  Matthew adored pressing the button that said in musical rhythm "Bouncing's What Tigger Does Bestest."  I hated that darn book.  Over and over and over again, he played these words and every. single. time. I wanted to correct the grammar.

Though times have evolved, some things have not.  Only now I would amend Tigger's expression by chanting, in musical sing-song: "Bouncing's What Kids Do Bestest."

The long and the short of it is that we bought a trampoline last week and set it up on the weekend.  It's one of those Springfree trampolines that's supposed to be safer than the usual trampolines (also more expensive!) and it's awesome!  The kids are loving pretty much every second of it...though tensions ran high on the first day as they jockeyed for position, tried to work within the rules that we established, and generally got used to having other people invade their space and sometimes land on their toes!

But it's all good and I'm hoping that they enjoy jumping throughout the summer.  It seems to be good exercise, it's teaching them more getting-along skills, and I suspect it's going to be a draw for friends coming over as well!  It even occurred to me yesterday that the good times they're having on the trampoline are actually helping to establish a pattern of greater harmony and fun together.

The only problem I've had with the thing over the past few days is the constant refrain that I can't get out of my head:  Bouncing's What Tigger Does Bestest!

Assembling the trampoline

In order to put in all of the flexi rods (that act as springs) Geoff climbed under the trampoline while I remained on the outside...he heaved them inwards while I positioned the mat in the right place to click the rods into place...we developed quite a technique!

The finished product!

The inaugural event. 

My three lovelies...

Finally, some rest!


  1. I love it! I keep toying with getting a trampoline this summer. I know the boys would both love it. I keep talking myself into and then out of it for various reasons - size difference between a 3 and a 9 yr old, safety (good to know some are safer), one more obstacle when mowing the lawn... But then I think about how much bouncing therapy it would provide for C...
    Keep me posted. I'm curious how this will continue to evolve for your kiddos.

    PS - welcome back! Missed ya!

  2. That is one WEIRD looking trampoline... Never heard of a springless one before. Looks like the kids enjoy it.

    I echo the sentiment... Welcome back :)

    PS - and yes, I finally commented on your blog :)

  3. Well it's about flippin' time, Sheldon! You used to be one of the most faithful commenters here and for the past year...nothin'!!

    Anyway, thx.

    Yeah, it is a strange looking trampoline. They were invented in Australia and they're supposed to reduce the likelihood of serious injury by up to 85%...which is pretty good considering how many injuries happen on trampolines. Most injuries happen by landing in the springs, and by hitting the steel bars surrounding the springs and holding up the nets. The Springfree don't have springs at all...they use flexi rods of some types and they're below the trampoline rather than beside the mat. Also, the rods holding up the net are flex rods and so they just bend with the net. It was more expensive than a regular trampoline (about double...sigh) but we have crazy kids and so I figure the odds of fewer injuries is something we'll need to bank on!!

    Anyway, yes, they're having fun.

    And Ellen, part of factoring into our decision to buy a trampoline was exactly what you're talking about - bouncing therapy. It's supposed to be great for kids' brains, to bounce. We know there are risks, so we've done our best to mitigate them, and if the past five days are any indicator, the kids are going to love this thing! And so far, they're adhering to the rules, which we started from the moment they first stepped on it (eg. no bouncing while the zipper is open, no hands near the white rods/springs, when you're not on the trampoline stand a couple of feet back in case someone hits the net hard and it bounces out, only 3 on at a time (and only 1-2 depending on the size of other kids who might be on it...stuff like that).

    Hopefully it tuns out to be a great use of the money!