Sunday, June 2, 2013

A Day of Rest

Well, in case any of you are still reading, I think I'm back...perhaps not as frequently as in the past, but here nonetheless.

This is the longest break I've taken from blogging in almost four years.  I've missed the interaction, I've missed writing, I've missed chronicling bits of my thoughts and our days.

It's Sunday morning and usually we're all at church around now.  In fact, Geoff is there because he'd volunteered for something this morning, but the rest of us are at home.  It felt like we needed a day of rest today.  I so wish our church had a Saturday evening service, because often I wish we could spend Sundays at home together, but I also want to be involved in our church life.  It's hard to find that balance...perhaps some months more than others.  Rest, and downtime, and family time, seem like such precious commodities these days.  And it seems like no matter how I try to slow our family life down, we still struggle to find these times.

I'm sitting inside for a few minutes after spending most of the past two hours in the lovely warmth of the sunshine outside.  The kids are laughing and playing and jumping on the new trampoline (more about that another time) at the moment and it's nice just to be still for a bit.

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