Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Blog Link to The Lost Daughters.

One of my favourite blogs to read is The Lost Daughters; it is a blog authored by adult women who were adopted as children.  The women come from very different perspectives and with incredible insights, and I always walk with away with a unique perspective on what it is like to be an adult adoptee.  I treasure these perspectives because the day will come when two of my own children will be adult adoptees and I am desperate to know what I can do now to help them when they are adults to be comfortable in their own skin, their own identity.  Here is a link to one of their most recent posts and you will see my (lengthy) comment below that post, in case you're interested in reading it:  Moses The Adoptee?


  1. The post and blog were interesting. That particular post was thought provoking, to say the least. Hmmmm. I read a lot of adoption blogs but they are mostly special needs adoptions. I haven't noticed the families saying that they think they will get to heaven because they have adopted. I have seen some get desperate after they have been to orphanages and seen the conditions. I have seen some posts written to induce guilt and sorrow in what they call "The Church." (Personally, I think a little guilt would be a good thing for some self righteous church goers.)
    I guess I didn't realize that "Christians Adopting" had become an issue. I did notice that large families were adopting and at first I couldn't imagine how they would do it. But then, I realized that for special needs children it provided a security for the future, parents experienced in establishing routine and lots of people to give them attention and company.
    Anyhow, it was interesting and makes me realize even more that every birth and every adoption is unique.

  2. Thanks Missy. I find this blog (Lost Daughters) very interesting and thought-provoking and this post was no exception. I chuckled about your apt comment about the church benefiting from a little well-placed guilt! There's just so much to know and to think about when it comes to being adoptive parents to our precious kids...whether they're adults like your daughter or still little like mine. It's a bit of a maze at times, and I'm not always sure I'm up to the challenge - but blogs like Lost Daughters helps and inspires me to persist.

    Anyway, thanks faithful commenter...as always, I appreciate your words.