Saturday, May 11, 2013

This Week's Journal

Places we went and people we saw... brother was in town briefly for work purposes and so we were able to have dinner together as a family.  As always, the kids love their uncle (who again brought chocolate!) and were so excited to be with him...though Matthew was already feeling a little 'off.'

...we had lunch on Thursday with good friends who left on Friday morning for Ethiopia; they have a court date to attend next week and, assuming they pass, they'll be allowed to take custody of their little guy and live there with him until Canada Immigration approves his paperwork.  We are so excited to have this little guy come home to Canada; they live only about five minutes away from us and my kids can hardly stand the wait any more before meeting their new little friend!  Our friends arrive in Ethiopia about four hours from now, if all goes smoothly, and I can well imagine how they might be feeling right now!

...we cancelled our Wednesday plans because all three kids were sick with cold and cough. We spent the day watching movies, reading books and playing a little more quietly than usual.  Despite not feeling well, the kids enjoyed the day relaxing, I think.

...we also had to cancel our Friday plans...this time because I was sick.  More tv, more movies. 

In our homeschool this week...
...early in the week, Matthew started up another round of "Real Foods" cooking classes, which he loves.  This week they baked chocolate chip cookies with real-food ingredients and they were delicious!  I love that he's taking an interest in cooking and baking...especially baking of late.

...we continued reading about the Inuit people, though we didn't make it very far this week with all of the illness going on.  Next week we're going to try putting together a poster to highlight some of the things we've been learning.  Next week we'll also start reading Julie of the Wolves, by Jean Craighead George to make our learning more fun.

...we went on a terrific little field trip to a Creation museum.  I've been once before with Matthew a few years ago and this time I was a little more prepared with questions and a notepad!  It was good.  Creation science is a very interesting area and I enjoyed learning more.

I'm cooking/baking...
...well, on Friday, when I spent the majority of the day in bed while the kids watched tv, they made their own peanut butter sandwiches for breakfast; then it was the frozen, emergency pizza for lunch; and thankfully Geoff took over dinner when he got home.  Snacks that day were fruit they could grab for themselves, a box of crackers, and cheese...oh and some of those turkey pepperoni sticks!

...this week was a write-off in terms of any baking; and even cooking ventures were far less creative than usual.

I'm grateful for...
...feeling about 25% better than yesterday...but man, something feels like it's sitting in my chest.  It may be off to the doctor's yet!

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