Thursday, April 18, 2013

Lego Building

Taking a break from intense parenting subjects...  :)

Last summer, when Seth received a small lego set for his 6th birthday, he was virtually unable to do it...and for sure not without extensive help from Geoff.  His fine motor skills and his ability to follow instructions just weren't ready yet.

But about a month ago, he finally got down to working on the 201 piece lego helicopter that he got for Christmas (for 6-12 year olds).  Well, not only did he not get help, but he didn't want any help.  He spent several mornings poring over his instruction picture booklet and then just built it by himself!  Then he took it apart and rebuilt it from memory.  It was so great to see such progress in both his fine motor and comprehension skills and he was (rightfully) mightily pleased with himself!

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