Thursday, April 18, 2013

Being the Encouraged Rather Than the Encourager

This morning, as I was preparing things for a special High Tea that we're going to enjoy this afternoon, I messed up the tiny rolled sandwiches that I was making, rolling them from the wrong end.  I gave a little shriek of self disgust, which had the kids come running.

"What's wrong?"  Matthew asked, as he skidded to a stop beside me.

"Ahh," I shrieked.  "I goofed up the sandwiches.  I rolled them from the wrong end and they're too little." I was thoroughly frustrated with myself, trying so hard to make our Tea special.

"Mom, you're being waaay too hard on yourself," Matthew said, not missing a beat. "They're going to be great.  They look beautiful...just like my mother."

"They don't have to be perfect, Mom," Seth added.  "You tried really hard and that's all that matters.  That's what you always tell us.  And they'll still taste great."

"Besides," continued Lizzie.  "These teeny ones are the perfect size for my mouth.  I like 'em."

All three kids circled me and put their arms around me and my frustration dissolved.  How could it not in the face of all of that support!


  1. I absolutely LOVE how your kids have internalized your encouragements!!!! Your voice has become their voice and they are/will be generous with the gift you've given them.