Sunday, August 5, 2012

Birthday Overload.

My birthday today marks the fourth we five have celebrated in the past twelve days.  Only Matthew's birthday is an outlier - he gets his own special day in spring time.  Also during the final days of July and the first few of August, we celebrate my Dad's, my Mom's and my Brother-in-law's birthdays.  It's a lot of partying over the course of a mere twelve days!

By the time we got to my birthday today, I felt frankly tired of celebrating, tired of birthday cakes, and was reading to bring the celebrations to an end for another year!  Geoff asked me a few days ago how I wanted to spend my birthday and I really had only one thing in mind:  I wanted two or three hours at some point in the day to be by myself - either reading a book in bed, or enjoying a bath in our unused soaker tub, or both.

Getting gray hair, getting one year older, doesn't worry me a whole lot anymore.  Yes, I still highlight my hair a couple of times a year, but I specifically tell my stylist to leave my gray hairs alone - I see each of them as a testament to having lived life!  I want my birthday to be acknowledged by the few who are nearest and dearest, but that's about it - an acknowledgement.  When I told Geoff that I just wanted a bit of time to myself today, I was merely grateful that my birthday could be used as a convenient and legitimate excuse upon which to make such a request.

I went through some kind of mid-life crisis when I was about forty, and did a lot of soul-searching during that time.  That was horrible.

But now I'm just glad to be here for another year, glad that my kids have a mother, glad that I am a mother, grateful for family and friends near and far, and looking forward to a couple of hours in bed with my book this afternoon!


  1. Glad to hear you got some time to yourself. What are you reading?

  2. Happy Birthday! Glad you got to celebrate in the way you wanted to!

  3. Happy Birthday! Some time to yourself.. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh. What a gift. Promise that you will just relax.

    It's good to have you back blogging!

  4. Happy Birthday my beautiful, amazing friend. I thank God you were born.