Saturday, August 4, 2012

I'm Back.

This has been my longest break since I started blogging almost three years ago.  Did you miss me?  I missed you.  I missed blogging...mostly.

I have missed having an outlet for expression.  I express myself best in written form and I typically track my personal growth through what I've written (here and privately).  I have missed giving voice to some of the thoughts and processes I've been working through because those things will surely be lost in the silence of the past two weeks.

What I have not missed is the time commitment involved in blogging.  I have had no problems filling the time I usually use for blogging to do other things...mostly watching movies or shows on Netflix at night when I usually write my blog posts.  :)

The past two weeks have been full:  Extra efforts involving my parents since my Dad had his accident fifteen days ago; trying to get school done on a semi-regular basis; providing childcare quite a lot for my niece and nephew while my sister (a physio) got my Dad set up to function (relatively speaking) under his new paradigm; daily swimming lessons with the boys; getting through Geoff's, Lizzie's and Seth's birthdays, including a party for Seth and Lizzie and lots and lots of birthday cake; and all of the usual home maintenance tasks that have, frankly, often taken a backseat - for example, there are six baskets of folded laundry upstairs at the moment that have needed putting into dressers and closets for about seven days now.  :(  This past week and the coming week were supposed to be our quietest weeks of the summer because we had little formally planned, but somehow it hasn't felt quiet at all!

But that's ok.  We're getting through and I'm even getting a decent amount of sleep these days.  Mostly, I'm glad to be here feels a bit like re-connecting with an old friend.  I don't think I'm going to pressure myself to post something every day as I did for the two+ months leading up to my little break.  But I have more than a few blog posts percolating up here in the old brain bucket that I look forward to putting down onto paper in the coming days and weeks.


  1. Yah! So glad you are back!! I was just thinking this morning that I missed reading your posts and wondered when you would be back. Looking forward to reading more soon!!

  2. I also greatly enjoy your posts and missed them. The insight you provide into adoption and the family experience from your perspective is amazing. To watch a family blossom, despite the thorns that exist, through some blog posts is pretty neat. I totally understand and respect blogging vacations though.

    Take Care!