Monday, July 9, 2012

Guess Who's Growing?

Lizzie, that's who.
Check out the recent change in her shoes!

There are so many ways in which my little is growing up.  The child who came home looking an acting like an 18-month-old is really acting her age now...almost five.  She has a wicked little sense of humour, seems to be getting smarter by the day, and she's just able to do so much more.  The little girl who, a year ago, could walk only about ten steps (really!) before getting tired and sitting down, now runs and bike rides and jumps and runs.

One of the things she's very proud about is that she can now, as of about four weeks ago, push herself on the swing.  We'd been working at it together for a little while, but mostly she just did it by herself.  All of the sudden, she just 'got' the movement, and she was sooo proud of herself.  Even now, a month later, she loves to screech out from her perch on the swing:  "Look Mommy! I can swing all by myself.  I'm all grown up now!!!"
This was the very first time she did it all by herself!

As of the past week, she's also now out of her high chair.  She was so terribly tiny when she first came home that we had her sitting in Matthew's old high chair during meal time.  But suddenly last week, right around the same time that she outgrew most of her clothes again, she was big enough to skip the booster seat option (which Seth used for the first nine months home) and went directly into a regular chair for meal time.

For the past week she has been saying, kinda like a mantra:  "I guess I'm a big girl now...not Mommy's baby any more."

But I don't care what she matter how big she gets, she'll always be my baby!

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