Friday, June 8, 2012

Top 12 Reasons We (Usually) Like H/Schooling

The majority of these reasons were generated by Matthew; Seth and Lizzie mostly cheered him on when he brought up another good point!!

1. Because you can take a day or a week or two weeks off when you do things like go to Alberta during the school year!

2.  Because you don't have to 'do' school all day.

3.  Because you get to go on lots of field trips...often every week.

4.  Because there's lots and lots of time to play.

5.  Because you can stay in pajamas all day (every day) if you want.

6.  Because you can sleep in....if you're Matthew!

7.  Because you get to spend the day with your family.

8.  Because you can have hot lunch any time you want.

9.  Because there's time for your Mom to read out loud to you.

10. Because you can ask questions whenever you want.

11.  Because you can eat food while you're doing school.

12. Because you can cry if you need to cry and not worry about everyone seeing you.

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