Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Jumping Fun

The kids love for me to take (endless) pictures of them doing jumps...seriously, there have been times when I have spent two or three consecutive hours taking pictures of them (and deleting most of them immediately afterwards).  From chairs, couches, deck benches, name it and they'll jump from it, and ask me to capture the moment.  They take turns figuring out what kind of shot they want and who they want posing in it (Lizzie sobs bitter tears every. time. she is excluded from a shot and then promptly snubs the brother who excluded her when it's her turn to set up the shot!), they act it out, and then all three kids run to where I am holding the camera in order to take a critical look at the picture; based on their analysis, they re-group, re-pose and the whole thing starts all over again.  They take it very seriously.  It's funny.

These few shots were taken February 15.  I have taken many similar action shots in the days since then; however, my kids seem to like spending large chunks of their days wearing only their underwear (long gone are the days when Seth and Lizzie felt an almost obsessive need to get dressed within about three seconds of waking up), so I am limited in which pictures I can post.

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  1. Those are priceless Ruth! Now Geoff is really going to see the kids jumping on the couch! :)