Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Egg Nog and True Love

Matthew's comment following dinner today, after polishing off a half glass of the season's first offering of egg nog:

"It was like alcohol to me; I fast became addicted to it."

I think he has inherited from me some of his tendency towards high falutin' words.  I also think he has inherited from me his love of egg nog.


  1. Ha Ha Very Funny! Have you been enjoying egg nog chai lattes yet Ruth?

  2. oooo...eggnog!!-yum! I should get my hands on some SOON!! I should give you a recipe for eggnog loaf, since you were so kind to share your recipe with me!!!
    I wanted to send you a message about Vitamins etc. that you are giving to your children, I'd love to know which ones!--Pop me an e-mail if you can with that info!