Friday, July 29, 2011

A Bearded Friend

I don't really ever let Matthew play in the front yard by himself...the backyard, anytime...but the front yard, not so much.  I'm likely overly cautious, but so be it.  So when Geoff told Matthew, at the very moment that we were heading upstairs to get the little ones to bed, that Matthew could head out front to pick berries from the tree near the street, my heart did palpitations.  I didn't let my anxiety leak out to Matthew, but anxious I was.

I rushed Lizzie through her teeth brushing and PJ dressing, and tucked her into bed, wishing I could be outside.  Rather than lie down with Lizzie to cuddle (as is my usual pattern), I told her that I was going to stay standing up this time.  She was not happy about this, but I didn't relinquish my position - rather, I took a stand by her window, which just happens to have a view of our driveway.  I figured that I could do my attachment duty by being with Lizzie, and still watch over Matthew while he was none the wiser.

About five minutes into my vigil, having pushed all kinds of horrible scenarios out of my brain as I thought of Matthew out there on his own, I saw an unfamiliar SUV stop in front of our driveway and a bearded man get out.  He started walking up our driveway, towards Matthew!  Well, I didn't even say so much as "I'll be back" to Lizzie before I was out of her room, down the stairs and out the door like a shot.  I was ready to take on the bearded man!

Well, the terror balloon burst instantly (thankfully) as I recognized a good friend who happened to be driving by and who stopped when he saw Matthew out on the driveway.  We ended up having a lovely chat, and he happens to be a favourite with all turned out just fine.

About ten minutes later, after he left, I ran back upstairs and charged back into Lizzie's room - after all, she has never yet been left alone at bedtime and I was worried that she had spent the last ten or fifteen minutes screaming.  I was shocked when I looked in and discovered that she was fast asleep!  Wow!

Sheldon, you're welcome over any evening you want, especially as you seem to be a sleeping charm for Lizzie...but you may want to trim the beard first and ease this protective mama's heart!!!

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