Thursday, April 7, 2011

You Know You're doing too much Day-Dreaming When...

...over the past ten days, your child has become so accustomed to finding his underwear in a laundry basket full of clean clothes that he doesn't even look in the bottom drawer anymore to see if they're stacked up there as per usual routine. haven't cleaned up the kitchen properly since lunch time...yesterday.

...other than serving utensils and steak knives, there is not a single piece of clean flatware to be found in the cutlery drawer - every piece is either dirty or in the dishwasher, which is full of clean dishes and has been waiting to be emptied since lunch time...yesterday. can't find an available laundry basket to carry dirty clothes down from the bedrooms to the laundry room because they're already full - of clean clothes that have been waiting for days to be folded and put away.

...your kid slept on an air mattress last night because the sheets you stripped off the bed (yesterday) didn't make it back on to the bed after being run through the washer and dryer, and your kid thought it would be fun to blow up the air mattress and sleep there instead. spend about fifteen minutes reading one page of a novel, then give up and turn back to the attachment-in-adoption volume you've been working through. wake up in the middle of the night, grateful for a king size bed because you can envision a day coming when there'll be five of you in it.

...the fruit bowl you usually keep stocked with washed and ready-to-eat fruit has deteriorated into a cardboard box of oranges sitting on the counter.

...your mail box is crammed full of the letters you haven't bothered to pull out in days, and you don't even care because dealing with them just doesn't seem worth the mental energy that would be better spent thinking about your children. wonder where the last fifteen minutes have gone, only to realize that you've spent a quarter of an hour staring sightlessly out the window, just thinking. can't believe it's already Thursday, because you've only done one day of real homeschooling this week and, well, last week was spring break, so not much got done then either. took your kid to Tim Horton's for lunch yesterday, not for any special reason, but just because you didn't feel like putting effort into making lunch. (After all, it might cause more mess in the kitchen!)

Seriously, folks, I have to give my head a shake and get back to living my normal life; ever since we got the news about passing court, things have just gone downhill around here as I wander around aimlessly, thinking about dreams that come true!


  1. Those are some yummy looking oranges though, so it's not all bad ;-)

  2. What a wonderful reason to daydream Ruth! You deserve this little luxury so much! Enjoy!

  3. Ditto on Carolyn S's comment (and I'll add the more ominous "enjoy it while you can....." ;-)

  4. Too funny Ruth! You're entitled to every minute of mind wandering day dreaming you want. The kids and the house will!

  5. Dream on Ruth- you've more than earned this time of dreaminess (what's a sinkful of dirty dishes anyway?!!) I second Colleen's comment to enjoy this time before the wonderful chaos and cacophony of 3 kids hits(I threw those high falutin words in for Geoff):)

  6. Yes,I agree dream away! The work will still be there when you are ready to tackle it!

  7. Hi Ruth. I'm glad I'm not the only've at least updated your blog, I've been in too much of a daze to do that!

    As always, so happy to have someone going through the same things who totally understands! :-)

    Take care!

  8. WELL... you should see what's going on in my house. Same dishes in the dishwasher since before our trip...dirty dishes overflowing in the sink..suitcases not unpacked...and the list goes on and on. Just not motivated these days. Too nice outside! See you sunday

  9. haahaa! i hear you girl! tim hortons...i asked mark to pick up a pizza tonight....just can't focus!
    and ahhhhhh!! i just noticed the pictures of your THREE beautiful children on the sidebar!!!!! oh YAY!!