Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Did the exercise thing this morning, as per Matthew's suggestion yesterday...just fifteen minutes on the treadmill, but I figure that's a good start.  Matthew had a blast doing his own exercise routine:  jumping jacks; some form of really awkward looking sit-ups; attempting a few handstands; running races around the basement with his imaginary friend, Bambi (who won more than half of the laps, I'd say); and a few beautifully-executed push-ups.  We were both glad that we did it - so glad that we might even try it again this week...miracles do happen, after all.


  1. Yahoo! 15 minutes is better than nothing. Do 15 minutes tomorrow and 16 minutes the next day. You ROCK, strong sister. How fun, to exercise with Matthew. What a great partner. Keep up the good work, Ruth baby!

  2. I love that Matthew wants to work out with you- so sweet!
    Way to go :)