Friday, January 14, 2011

Little Gifts for the Children

If we pass court in a few weeks, Geoff and I will have the opportunity to give our children a small gift (approximately the size of a large ziploc bag or a wee bit bigger).  We'll be including: small fleecy blankets; notepads; markers; stickers; tape recorders with our voices reading stories on them; and a small stuffie/doll in each of their bags.

Finally, I wanted to include a tiny toy for each of them.  I was thinking of putting a few matchbox cars into our five-year old boy's gift (though I'm also very open to other ideas...hint hint); but I have no idea what on earth a three-year-old girl the size of a two-year-old girl might like.  It's like greek to me!

Some of the ideas that have been generated so far (by folks on the yahoo forum I'm part of) include:  necklaces/bracelets (where does one buy pint-sized bracelets?); sunglasses in goofy colours; little twisty-turny toys that transform from one shape to another.

Any other ideas?  Thanks!!

P.S.  Thank you all so much for your great suggestions!!  Now, I feel like I have tons of good ideas to choose from, to fill the kids' little bags.  Thank you very, very much!!  Ruth.


  1. Hmm, yes, the tiny factor makes it trickier to think of something.

    I found this tiny little plush dog board book (see link) at Winners for $4 a while ago, and carry it in my purse so my 2 year-old niece can play with it in church. Perhaps you were thinking more toy-ish, and I'm not sure how quickly this would come...but it is cute! (The story is one sentence per page, and very simple & short - "It's time for Rover to wake up; It's time for Rover to eat some food; It's time for Rover to drink some water; It's time for Rover to go for a walk; It's time for Rover to play with Clover (his blue dog friend); Rover and Clover: always friends").

    Even if you find some other great thing, figured I might as well share the info., since it's a cute book anytime...

  2. Ruth,
    What about little animals? My 8 year old daughter, has loved playing with animal figures (specifically horses and pandas) since she was very little. She actually started playing with these long before she ever started playing with stereotypical girl things, and still her Schleich animals are her favorite, and she has very elaborate play scenarios with them every day.
    Or My Little ponies...things like that!


  3. oh my little three year old loves her groovy girl (Groovy Girls) (it's a soft plush dolly)..we got ours at a yard sale but i have seen them at scholars choice. :)

  4. When my girls were three, they loved "The Littlest Pet Shop" small plastic animals. You can get almost every animal and they're small (although you might want to take out any small accessories). They would play with them for hours, and they should fit in the! Thanks for the post, I'm making notes for when I go this spring!

  5. Hi Ruth,

    I agree with the necklace and bracelet idea. My girls adore their "jewels". Claire's at St. Vital has cute stuff. Michaels has small "make your own necklace kits" where she can string her own beads. Other hits for the around 3 age are Pet Shops, or Polly Pocket Dolls. There is also a small dog/bunny/kitten/ etc. called a "FurReal Pet" that she can hold in the palm of her hand, and it purrs/wags etc. My girls LOVE these and I think this would be my first choice. Sarah sleeps curled up with hers every night. ($9.99 at Superstore, Walmart, Toys R Us). Kaitlyn is 2, and loves to give her baby a bottle if you can find one small enough.
    So much fun shopping for a little girl! Enjoy:)


  6. Hi,
    Me again. I forgot to add crayons and a colouring book to my list! Stickers are a great idea. The Colour Wonder drawing paper/markers are fun as well.

  7. I would also say plastic animals are a hit with girls that age - Little People animals are pretty cute... :) otherwise maybe finger puppets?

  8. Claire's has small bracelets and other inexpensive toys.

  9. Do you have beads? Get your other son to make a bracelet or necklace for them! Our daughter loved little dolls that she could hold well in her hand as well as ponies with brushes and elastics (at 2 she could easily put elastics in her hair, my hair and her dolls!). The little cars a re a hit with both boys and girls. And balloons. Photos of all of us were very important to them (laminated or in a little album). And our other two children added pictures they had colored an decorated with stickers (something they could do and were very excited to do it!).

    Have fun putting it together! The sad part about this is that they probably won't get to cuddle with whatever they are sent since there are so many other kids and so on... But do take a photo of what you give them (triggers memories later) and buy doubles or make doubles of everything so when you have custody you can give them the items again (we had a different car and P really wished he'd gotten the same one that he had hidden but someone had taken in the foster home).

    Yeah for a court date! and packing! Fun stuff!

  10. A stuffy (stuffed animal). Sunglasses too, and board books. Great for her to have there & for her to have during the transition. Plus, a photo album for each, with pictures of people, places, and things that they'll see when they come to live here. Their places at the dinner table, family, backyard, park, church, that kind of thing. It was huge for Petunia to have the pics of all the cousins, aunties & uncles, & grandparents...gave her the feeling of having a leg up & not feeling so lost.

  11. In the photos that you send, be sure to include a picture of your vehicle, perhaps even a side shot with the door open and Matthew inside so that they know it's yours. For boys especially, vehicles are such a big deal. Hardly anyone there own their own vehicle and it is a really exciting thing for them.

    Bracelets and/or necklaces are great for little girls. Claire's is good for that and for headbands. One thing I wish I had brought with me were those little sticker earrings (available at Claire's) because Sedaya was desperate for earrings when we were in Ethiopia and the sticker ones would have tided her over until we could pierce her ears.

    There are some cute mini dolls or finger puppets that could be used as dolls at Education stores such as Scholar's Choice, Education Station, etc.

    The dollar store might have bracelets. I think the idea of those little animals is a great one, but be sure not to include snakes.

  12. Thanks all so much for your GREAT ideas...for gifts and for what kinds of pictures to include in the photo albums we're making for the kids.

    I appreciate every suggestion SO much.

    BLessings, and again, with thanks!