Monday, October 4, 2010

A First Time for Everything

Though our school room is not quite ready to be revealed yet, Matthew and I are enjoying our first morning of school in the new classroom today.  When I told Matthew that we were going downstairs for school, he said "huh - really? YAY!!"  That's the most excited I've seen him about school since we started a few weeks ago.

We went downstairs, where I'd set up his brand new little student desk, and my own taller version of the same desk.  Our desks face each other, a couple of feet apart.  For a moment, we just sat there looking at each other, wide grins on both of our faces.  Then I suggested that we close our eyes and thank God for this room and ask for his blessing on it.  Actually, I thought that this would be a good way to start every school day.   Then, I asked him to open up his math book (I've been waiting to give this particular type of instruction - doesn't it sound teacherish??) and I gave him his first assignment of the morning: to finish three pages of math in his Math U See book.   It took him less than five minutes - a record, I do believe.

Then I pulled out his Explode the Code phonics book and gave him his instructions for completing three pages of that book.  When, just a few moments ago, I asked him how things were going, he politely asked if I could please not talk because he needed to concentrate.  Oh.  Right.  Sorry.

So here I sit, with my kid doing his school work relatively independently and free of complaint (more records established) and I am cheerfully updating my blog while he does it.  Hmm - I don't know how long this will last, but it feels pretty darn good for now!


  1. looking forward to seeing the room! hurry with the pictures, please!

  2. looking forward to seeing the room! hurry with the pictures, please!

  3. our first day was yesterday too!! we must both live in terribly cold places with terribly long winters! :)