Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Yesterday, with Geoff out of town for a night, Matthew and I decided to rent a movie to watch after dinner.  Clutching it to his heart, Matthew begged to watch the movie Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure.  On the way home from Blockbuster, this was our conversation:

Matthew:  "Mom, do you love Tink, too?"

Me (in hindsight, wishing I'd just said yes):  "Hmm.  I'm not sure that I'd say that I love her.  I like Tinkerbell, I think, from watching Peter Pan, but no, I wouldn't say I love her."

Matthew:  "Well, you have seen her on Peter Pan, and you have to admit that she's pretty sweet."

Me: "Yeah, I think so."

Matthew:  "Mom, do you love watching movies with me?"

Me:  "Sometimes...depends on the movie."

Matthew:  "Do you love watching some movies with me then?"

Me:  "Yes."

Matthew:  "Did you love watching Peter Pan with me?"

Me: "Yes, that's a great story. I love that movie."

Matthew:  "So you do love watching some movies.  Does that mean that you love some of the characters in the movies that you love?"

Me (hesitantly, sensing a trap coming and wishing it was bedtime already):  "Yeees, I guess so."

Matthew:  "So if you love watching some movies, like Peter Pan, you must have loved some of the characters in Peter Pan.  Like Tinkerbell."

Me:  (silent)

Matthew (smiling in my rear view mirror):  "Mom.  Do you love Tinkerbell?"

Me (with a sigh):  "Yes, Matthew, I love Tinkerbell."

Sheesh.  That kid's gotta work as a lawyer some day.


  1. Wow, sounds like Matthew will do well in first year philosophy courses at university! That conversation reminds me of one of the lectures they had, many, many years ago! Something like 'if all Mom's are Peter Pan lovers, and all Peter Pan lovers love Tink, then all Mom's must love Tink.'

  2. I love Tinkerbell!! I will happily watch Tinkerbell with your son! I just watched the new movie on Sunday and I loved it. Your son is awesome by the way. ; )

  3. Yes, I would say you have a lawyer in the making. You can let him know that he can defend me any day.

    The newest Tink movie is my favorite yet. Wonder if you will LOVE that one?


  4. Too are so in trouble! :) Thanks for the laugh. What a bright little guy he is.

  5. Got his mother's genes, it seems.

  6. I sense a three-way practise... shall we begin saving for their education now?!!!!