Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day

Matthew was very excited, last week, to make Father's Day gifts for his dad and grandpa.  We went shopping for t-shirts and fabric paint, and Matthew had a lot of fun painting shirts for them both.

Yesterday morning, Father's Day morning, while we were still at Camp Cedarwood, Matthew gave Geoff his shirt.  Later in the day, he gave Grandpa his shirt, when we all (with my sister and her family) had dinner together.  Here are the three of them together, with Geoff and my dad modelling their new shirts!

Oh, and here's what's left of the cake I made for the occasion...yuuumm.

The best part of Father's Day is, of course, the this case, Matthew's father.  I love celebrating this day because it honours the huge role that Geoff plays in Matthew's life.  I recognize that not everyone is as fortunate as Matthew and I are to have a guy like Geoff willing to do the hard work of parenting well.  They adore each other, and Matthew and I are both so grateful for him in our lives!

* Sheesh, Sheldon - thanks to your comment, now all I can think about when I look at the t-shirts is about the hand placement!!  lol

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  1. I think the location of the hand prints is hilarious :)