Thursday, June 17, 2010

Coffee Break Time

I have more to write, but it'll have to wait while we head off for (another!) field trip.  Gotta tell you, quietly so that Matthew doesn't hear me say this:  we've been on so many full-day field trips in the past few weeks that I'm getting just a wee bit tired of them: loading all of the paraphernalia into the car; packing another picnic lunch; hosing down the rubber boots that got mucked up just two days ago; etc etc.  We're going to a petting farm today, to milk some goats or some other such thing...not entirely sure.  Oh well, once I'm there, I'm sure to enjoy it with him; and we'll know at least two other families going, which will be lovely.  And at least this one's only about twenty minutes outside of the city, and the directions seem a bit clearer than the other day's adventure!  Anyway, ignore my whining; I know that we're very fortunate to be doing every single that we're doing.  I must be a bit tired!  More about the field trip later...unless you're also getting a little tired of them (and I haven't even told you about nearly all of them!).

In the meantime...

...We've been having the outside of our house re-painted, and we know our painter quite well already from the weeks he's spent at our house in the past, painting the interior, and then the basement when we built it out eighteen months ago.  Matthew loves him and, whenever we were home this week, Matthew wanted to chat with him or 'take a short coffee break' with him.  So I'd get him his snack and send him outside for ten minutes whenever our hard-working painter took a quick breather.  They were very sweet together and engaged in all manner of conversation!  I'm not sure Fred found his breaks quite as relaxing as he might have liked, but he was very kind towards Matthew.  When I took this picture, I could hear them talking about what heaven might be like after we die - yikes, that really wasn't a break for Fred!


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