Thursday, June 17, 2010


On the weekends, I love to make one breakfast that goes a little beyond the usual, mundane weekday offerings that usually comprise of cereal, toast, or eggs.  This past weekend, I had a request for the German Pancake that is our traditional breakfast on Christmas morning.  Because it's not Christmas in mid-June, I didn't make the extras that I'd usually make on December 25th (a special caramel syrup, bacon, etc), but it was pretty awesome anyway, served along with some fresh pineapple.

The nicest thing about making this pancake is that it's extremely easy to make and it looks very impressive coming out of the oven!  To be honest, it's almost embarrassing -  how easy it is, in contrast with the brownie points I get for the look and taste of it.  "Yummers," as Matthew would (and did) say.

* Note:  Yes, I will be happy to share the recipe - should have thought of this in the first place!  I'm out of town for the weekend, but will post the recipe early in the week!


  1. pretty please with sugar on top could we have a recipe? I would totally love to try it.