Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I'll Pay it Forward

There are people in my life who inspire me to be a better person.  For example, I have a new friend, someone I've never met but who follows my blog, who has done just that: inspired me to want to be a better person.  This lovely woman, who doesn't even live in the same province as me, has no reason whatsoever to help me.  But she has read about my struggle to gain health and lose weight, and she has been emailing me - offering me both recipes and encouragement.  Though she has a full and very busy life of her own, she has taken the time out of her routine to sit down and write out recipes for someone she has never met, offer to have me come and visit her so that we can cook together, whatever...  She has shared with me bits of her own journey to health, and has also told me about a few things that have worked well for her.  Far from being judgmental or preachy or know-it-all, her last email said "I've been where you are and would love to help!"  I believe her.

Who does that for someone they've never even met?  What motivates that kind of kindness, thoughtfulness, generosity?  She blows me away.  And I am so grateful.  One day I think we will meet - and along with the big hug I will give her, I hope I can find the words to tell her how much she inspires me to try to do the same for someone else.

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