Saturday, February 13, 2010

Take a Shot at it, Would You? Please???

OK, so today I'm introducing my first ever poll, and I'm hoping that you'll respond to it - anonymously is fine, though you're also welcome to add a comment at the bottom of the post!

Before you vote, here are some salient facts:
  • Our child request is for siblings, of either gender, born after March 04, they could be infants, or they could be just about to turn five years old.
  • We are family #7 on the wait list for siblings.
  • Our child request has the broadest age range of any of the first seven families.  One of the first six families is open to three-year-olds, and the rest are requesting siblings aged 0-2.  In order for us to 'jump the queue' and receive a referral more quickly than the other families still ahead of us on the list, one or both of our children would be four years old.  If, on the other hand, children are referred who are younger than four years old, the list order would be maintained.
  • Of the sibling referrals received by families since our file arrived in Ethiopia (April 2008), 70% have included a sibling who is aged four; the remaining 30% have been for siblings aged 0-3.
  • The loose goal/objective of the new Imagine is to provide one sibling referral per month.  Whether this is achieved will completely depend on the make-up of the children in the orphanages that Imagine works with.
So...armed with the facts (at least as I know 'em!), what do you think?  Guess for me, will you?  Please?  I need something new to stew on!!  Here goes...


  1. hi ruth! i voted! :) i really think, and HOPE, you will hear feb/march. i'll be shrieking with joy over in the next door province. :)darc

  2. Hey Ruth,

    I think you are getting one of each aged 4 and 2. Unfortuntely I think the referrals are going to slow a bit until Imagine has a better idea of immigration timelines or a larger transition house so I chose April or May.

    Perhaps the upcoming trip will produce a new transition house and things will speed up again.

  3. I voted boys, one 4 and one 2, and I think you will receive your referral before your 2-year mark - mid April!

    And next winter, our children will play together in the snow!!!


  4. fun poll! can't wait to find out if I was right!!!