Monday, January 4, 2010

Pictures of This Blogger!

It has been noted that, in all of the vacation pictures I've posted, there have been none of me!  This is correct!  This is, in part, deliberate, and in part coincidental.  The deliberate part of it has to do with my not liking how I look in photos; the non-deliberate part is that I tend to be the photographer in the family; as a result, I'm not very often featured in photos...and when I am, it's usually Matthew who's taken them (and with all due respect, as much as I love him, this is not yet his forte!).

Nonetheless, I have dug through our vacation photos and have come up with the following...

This is not me, though there are certain resemblances:

Nor is the following picture of me, though again, there are certain resemblances...this is a not-so-attractive photo of my mother, taken by Matthew - you can see the quality of photo that he takes!

We're getting closer to the big reveal - here's another classic taken by Matthew, this time of the back of my head while I'm driving:

And, at last, and there's no more getting around it, here I am, the one who's been blogging for the past number of months...go ahead, put a face to the blog!  All but two of the photos are, again, courtesy of Matthew...sigh.  In the last three, you even get me without makeup, and through a window.


  1. Ruth,

    I think my favorite picture is you in the blue sweater. But I also really like the one of your family at the Mickey Mouse Breakfast thing too. And I have a question for you. Do you always drive with your rear view mirror crooked?:)
    Have a happy day!

  2. Good Morning Ruth,
    I love the photo's so glad you went for posting even if you where worried, I know we all have things that are hard for personal reason.
    I love it you are great and look just as good.
    I love the bottom photo the most, It is a great photo and you glow. Cant wait to see referral picture, Imagine the joy that day.
    Thanks again for sharing and getting over this hurdle, I love that I have your beautiful face to match your words.

  3. Thanks for your comments Hilary and Shannon - two of my most regular commenters!

    Hilary, re: the crooked mirror - how observant are you!! Yes, I always drive like this, to the chagrin of a few people I know (who always straighten it when they're in my vehicle). WHY? You might ask next? Because that's the way that I can see both the road behind me and Matthew's face and upper body as he sits in his car seat - Matthew is a boy who likes face-to-face contact and years ago I discovered this means of enabling that to happen without having to (unsafely) turn around every 30 seconds to engage him in a conversation.

    Have a great day both of you!


  4. Thank you for sharing these - you appear to have the gift of being photogenic! I very much enjoy being able to "see" whose work I am reading. For some reason I had conjured you up as a very dark-haired woman, so now I can correct that particular detail :)

  5. oh yay! i was thinking that there were none of you,but being the one behind the camera in my family, i figured it must be the same! so fun to see you!! you are lovely. :)

  6. It's so nice to finally put a face to the name!!! You have a beautiful those last pictures!