Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I Know Patience is a Virtue...

...but I'm really lacking it today.

Yesterday, Imagine's doors opened again post-Christmas break.  I am itching for, impatient for, keyed up for, sitting on the edge of my seat for...more referrals.  I'm checking the yahoo forum hourly (ok, so more accurately, about every fifteen minutes) and there's been nothing of referral significance posted since Christmas, which feels like waaaaay too long. I can hardly bear the wait any longer.  It's like the four referrals prior to Christmas were the appetizers to whet the appetite...and I'm starving.

I am convinced that the orphanages that Imagine is working with have more children available than the ones referred out before Christmas; so I know it's just a matter of time before more referrals are given out.  But really, I'm ready to start begging - someone, anyone - just to start the referrals again.

Gotta run...to check the yahoo forum again.

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