Sunday, January 3, 2010

Home Again

Well, we're home!  Yesterday morning, we drove from San Diego to Los Angeles in time to catch our afternoon flight back home.  By the time we arrived, collected our van at our parents' place, unloaded the luggage into the house, brushed our teeth and collapsed into bed, it was 2:00 this morning!  That is, by far and away, the longest Matthew has ever been awake.  Typical for him, though, he didn't nap at all during the day, despite the late hour we arrived at, and he managed fairly well; he was understandably a little bit fragile in the last hour or so, but he did great overall.  I find him to be a very good traveller, generally, and I can hardly wait to try this theory out again for what will hopefully be our next big trip:  ETHIOPIA!!!!!

Despite already missing the palm trees and swimming pool, it's good to be home again!

I must be off - I was reminded a few minutes ago by Matthew's hungry tummy that it's time to get back into the routine of making dinner again!!


  1. Welcome home Ruth,

    You are just in time to toast Monday morning and Imagine's first day back in 2010 ( I think they are back tomorrow )
    I am impressed that Matthew made it so late, I too would be very fragile by that point in the journey.

    Have a good night back, I am sure your cat is really happy you choose to leave the palm tree's behind.


  2. Thanks Shannon - and thanks for the reminder about Imagine opening again tomorrow...for some reason I'd thought they were opening on Wednesday but I went back and checked and you're right. YAY!!

    PS. My cat is lying beside me as I type this - she's barely stopped meowing since we first saw each other again!

    Happy New Year!


    PPS. Do you have a blog Shannon???

  3. welcome home ruth! it sounds like you had a fantastic time...welcome back to winter, brr! :) Are you able to take matthew wth you when you go to ethiopia? we so want to take our kids, but with three that would make so many tickets..just not sure we can swing it. BUt what an awesome experience it will be for him, and such a memory to look back on! yay yay's hoping it's soon. :) darci

  4. HI Ruth,

    Great I am glad they are opened today, I was not sure.

    I am sure the cat is still so glad you are back,

    No I have no blog and am pretty bad at even getting comments posted in general so dont think I would be too good at keeping it going, with that said I am so grateful for all the work everyone else does at keeping them going and keeping us connected.

    Ok here to a first great day for Imagine.

    Today is my last day of holidays so I am heading out to breakfast and for a swim at the Holiday Inn.
    This year for Christmas my mom and I gave each memberships. There is one close to work and although it's a hotel you can join. So it is our little escape and pretending we are hotel guest with not a care in the world.

    Enjoy the day

  5. Hey Darci -
    yes, we plan on taking Matthew to ET with us - it'll be a tough trip, but I think it would be tougher on all of us if we weren't together. But if we had more than one child, I doubt we could take them either. It's a tough call.

    Shannon -
    I love the idea of you and your mom giving each other memberships - but I've never heard that you can join a Holiday Inn!!! Wow - that's great - what a great idea!
    Too bad that your holidays have come to an end; I hope you have a good start to the week. Email me some time and let me know what you do for a living and about your family...given that you don't have a blog, it would be great to get to know you in alternate ways!

    Great day both of you!!