Friday, January 1, 2010

California Sunset

As I mentioned at the start of our trip, the year that just finished was one that, quite frankly, sucked, for the most part.  Even this almost-perfect trip had one hole in it:  my sister-in-law was missing.  This is our first Christmas since she and my brother separated, and I miss her dearly - she's been one of my best friends for almost twenty-four years and I wish we could have been sitting here together talking about the books we're reading or the movies that we've watched or picking each other brains about some thing or another.  I know, of course, that marriage breakdown is hardest on the partners and (especially) on their children; but selfishly, I'd like to add to that list of wounded the siblings/extended family who feel like a piece of the puzzle is missing and who see people that they love hurting.

Other than that, these two weeks have been so cathartic:  two whole weeks of warmth, sunshine, time with family, no cooking, palm trees, various amusements, swimming, reading, relaxing....  Though great in many respects, our vacation has, for me, offered an additional benefit: transition time...a time to segue from the year just passed to the one that lies ahead.  I'm grateful for the opportunity and am looking forward to a better year ahead!

Thus, though it's hard to pack up and head home, this is the beginning of a year that I believe will bring some profound changes to our lives...two changes in particular.  I have this gut feeling, in a way that I haven't before, that our two Ethiopian-born children will be coming home this year...perhaps I am naive in this outlook, or overly optimistic, by that's where I think we're headed.  So it is also with excitement that I head home to begin 2010.  Here are the last pictures of our trip that I want to share with you, as we prepare to leave and get ready to climb back onto the roller coaster ride that is life.

Every night, we enjoyed sunsets as spectacular in colour as those blood red oranges we consumed so many of - pictures don't do them justice:

And, finally, a picture of Matthew at sunset on our last day, sitting between the palms that we shall so miss!

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  1. we just had some dear friends split is so hard! it's been hard on our kids (who called them 'auntie and uncle' and it's hard bc really, you do end up choosing who you'll remain friends with, as much as that sucks. :( sigh.

    i so hope your gut feeling is right! i have the same one-i think it's mother's intuition, and i think it's right. :)