Sunday, November 29, 2009

Almost There...

Well, tomorrow is the big day...the one-way-or-another resolution of the question as to whether or not our dreams of adopting will someday materialize.  Tomorrow is the last day that families are able submit their new retainer agreements and half of their additional fees to the new Imagine Adoption. The critical number of families needed is 200.

I was encouraged last week about the likelihood of success by a comment made to me by Imagine's staff (see earlier post); and I was encouraged again by Friday's email update from Imagine stating that they anticipate good news to come from the Board of Directors early this week.  It feels like the four and a half endless months since we learned on July 13th of Imagine's bankruptcy are about to come to a close and we can look forward again with anticipation to the coming months and, eventually, to seeing pictures of our Ethiopian-born children.  Assuming we receive good news from the Board in the next day or two, I really want to remember how it feels, to know that the nightmare that began on July 13th is finally over.  I can hardly wait!


  1. HI
    I agree !!!!!!!!
    what a four months it has been. In so many ways it feels like years and not four months.
    I would love to think that we will know tomorrow , but I am ready to accept that we will only know later in the week.
    I am so sure we will make it , how could we not ?
    We have made it sooooooooooo far,
    Looking forward to celebrating with my new friends
    hold tight we are so close
    love Shannon

  2. I am sitting on edge, too. It will be so strange to not think about the "if" factor any more...

  3. We're not with Imagine but we have been praying for God to use and move in this situation in a mighty way and I can't wait to hear good news tomorrow! For you, for my cousin Hilary and for all the Imagine people we have gotten to know - we are going to be celebrating tomorrow and when all your children come HOME!

  4. What a relief it is to be waiting this out with such lovely people - thanks for your comments and, Leanne, thanks for the support even though you're not with Imagine! Blessings all and here's to good news this week!!