Friday, February 12, 2016

Blessed by Friends...and a Busy Week

The past week has been a very busy, very social one.  In addition to the usual doses of swimming, riding lessons (Seth), church activities, math tutoring, piano, Learning Centre, and reading lessons, we've had five groups of people over to our house (though one 'group' was actually an individual).  That's meant lots of tidying to keep the house relatively presentable (yay...sort of clean house!), lots of food prep, and a few late evenings getting things done that our social calendar has not allowed for during the day.  I didn't initially plan that this week would be so intensely social, but one thing led to another and suddenly we had plans, and lots of them!

And I wouldn't change a thing.  It's been a lot of fun, and great to connect with people who are important in my life/our lives.  Yesterday was an unusual sort of social time here.  We had the moms and kids of two families over and we hadn't seen these folks for a while - we three moms with our kids used to get together rather regularly, but we've drifted apart a little over the past year and, despite having much in common, it's been hard finding the time to is pretty busy for everyone.  We finally got together here yesterday - they came for lunch, stayed for the afternoon and, when we three women discovered that all of our husbands were occupied during the evening evening (at work or otherwise), we decided to bring in some pizza for dinner and spend the evening together, too...our planned afternoon visit turned into an almost-eight-hour marathon of playing (the kids), visiting, eating, and tea lovely.  Charlie has a blast, too, alternating between playing with the kids and sleeping in my arms or beside me.

The kids and I have broad, eclectic friendship circles, filled with many truly lovely, unique people who are community to us.  I am so thankful for each and every one of them.  I used to wonder, when we were in our early days of h/schooling, what this aspect of our lives would look like and it's during weeks like these that I realize a pretty high level of contentment about our daytime lives.  Life is really full, to be sure, and often crazy-making with the high level of sheer noise and activity that vibrates throughout the house...but it's pretty great, too.

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