Monday, April 13, 2015

A Further Puppygate Update

Just a quick note further to my last on the puppy situation.  Last week, I had a chance to talk with a couple of vets about our original puppy's heart murmur issues.  Based on those conversations, and a desire to relieve my anxiety about the situation, Geoff and I decided to tell our breeder that we would prefer bringing home the alternate puppy I recently chose.

We made the decision before finding out the final test results of our original puppy, because there was a risk that the heart murmur would partially heal and that the breeder would consider that sufficient for us to hold up our end of the contract; but I just know that, even if it was mostly healed up, I'd always be anxious that the pup would just up and die one day all of the sudden...and I just didn't want to start out with that as a real possibility.  I also realized that bringing a new puppy into our family should be a joyous experience and that I'd only been anxious about it since learning about the health issue.  So we called it,  and we're moving on.

The new pup is adorable as well; rather unique in colour for the Havanese breed, and seemingly very, very gentle and docile (which, according to Cesar Milan of The Dog Whisperer, is the way to go when choosing a new puppy).  She'll be ready to come home around the end of April (or the first week of May), and my excitement about our upcoming family addition is growing again.

I can hardly wait to introduce her to you!

Even more so, I can hardly wait to finally be able to let our kids in on the surprise of their young lives!!!  I'm telling you...Seth is going to pee his pants.

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