Monday, March 9, 2015

So...IF One Were to Add a Furry Friend to the Mix...

...purely hypothetically, what kinds of things does one need to do or purchase before adding a furry friend of canine variety to one's household?

I am not saying that this is what we will be doing in our household in the next week or so, and my children would tell you with great certainty that there are no such plans in the works until the elusive when hell freezes over happens.

But if one were thinking of such a thing and intending to keep it as a surprise from one's children, what kinds of things would one need to do to prepare?  I have a small list going for such an occurrence, but I'm about twenty years post puppy experience, and about eight years post adult dog experience and I'm rather dim on details.

My list so far:
* food
* food and water dishes (any suggestions you like those things that give out water on an as-needed basis, or just prefer to continually refill the bowl?)
* bed - I'm thinking sherpa bed because it's soft and anti-bacterial, but thoughts?
* kennel - how big a kennel does one purchase for a dog that (hypothetically) will grow to approximately 12-14" high
* a corral for when we're out of the house
* a puppy pad for the corral in case a little friend might have to use the toilet while we're out
* a sling for me to carry the hypothetical creature around build attachment, of course...we are developmental theory advocates!

Thoughts?  Suggestions?  Helpful tips?

Just hypothetically, of course.


  1. We just went through this. Come check out how we're doing!

    1. Thanks! Just checked it out - ahhh!!! I'm thinking that (hypothetically, of course) we're about to wade into the same waters. Getting nervous here!!


  2. We love this pen for Bunna....


    1. Thanks Chad...this is EXACTLY the kind of thing I'm looking for...unfortunately amazon doesn't carry them any more. But I"ll check around - thanks for the heads up.

  3. We have a dog bed that has a zipped cotton cover that can be thrown into the washer. Great for when 'accidents' happen. Our 2 schnoodles love it. Plus a water bowl that we can just re-fill. We buy our dog food from Superstore.
    We're gonna sound like idiots, but one of our dogs is gluten-intolerant (as evidenced by the large amounts of black tar that build up in his ears) & so we feed them gluten-free food PC brand food. The PC dog food is excellent anyways.
    Walmart has a good range of kennels, and good prices. The corral is a good idea, but they often jump over them. That's a wait & see kind of thing. If you buy it, make sure you can return if it doesn't work out. Or check Craig's List.
    A harness is a must, not just a collar, for when you go for walks.
    Walmart also is where we get our shampoo/conditioner/toothpaste for our dogs.
    No treats. Just kibble as treats. Our dogs don't know any different. They love their kibble, plus any fresh veggies/fruit (grapes are toxic for dogs, so no grapes)
    You're going to have so much fun!


    1. Great tips Cindy - thank you!

      I laughed out loud when I read about your gluten-intolerant dog, but I understand that it's actually true that most dogs are, to varying degrees, gluten intolerant. After the first year, I actually want to go with a raw food diet...I'm not sure how easy that is for puppies, so I'll go with kibble for now, but I definitely want to pursue the raw food thing. I'll also check out the PC brand for now - thanks for the tip.

      That's good to know about a harness - I've never had a harness for a dog but I've been thinking in this direction.

      The (hypothetical) breeder we're going with talked about veggies as treats (no onions...also toxic) and she also said that every Havanese they've ever had has LOVED bits of bread for treats - their favourite thing, apparently...I'll probably try all of the above!

      Anyway, great tips. Thanks! I do so hope this is a good thing...hypothetically!


  4. We also use our poochies harness in the vehicle to anchor her. Not just for her safety but if we need to slam on the brakes we are all safe from a flying dog. Ours has a seatbelt clip that then attaches to the harness. For our kennel we went to a pet store and asked their recommendation on size. We also brought her into the pet store with us to be fitted with a collar and harness. Much easier to have the staff there figure it out since they have so much experience! It ended up costing a bit more than walmart but we felt their advice and help was worth the extra $. A soft toy is very popular with our dog and dogs in the past but she has a hard time differentiating between her soft toy and the ones that do not belong to her :-) Something to chew on is essential for a pup. Ours will chew on anything if she has some unspent energy so we give her rawhide rolls but she is about 40 pounds, not sure what there is for small doggies. Poop bags are super handy since they come in small rolls and can easily fit into jacket pockets! Sounds weird but carrying plastic grocery bags annoys me and I like to buy biodegradable poop bags when possible. Depending on squeamish-ness of those cleaning yard poops - we have a poop picker upper that is easy to use and just sits outside for when needed. Like a little grabber or sorts then drop it into garbage bag. Again a funny thing that has been really useful. I have nooo idea how you are able to keep silence or a straight face knowing this furry friend hypothetically is arriving soon! Excited to see pics. Allison

    1. Thanks Allison. I've ordered a bucket-seat-type-of-thing for the hypothetical dog for the car and it has something like what you are describing - I'm glad you've had a good experience with it.
      And I think it's a great idea to take him in to the pet store to get him fitted with a harness; I think we'll do that the weekend he arrives.
      Chew toys - check. Got a couple, including a little kong, to stuff peanut butter into . Our breeder also recommended cow hooves.
      Poop bags - check...biodegradable, too! Saw the poop picker-uppers, but didn't buy one yet...maybe some other time after these expenses have been absorbed!

      I'm rather surprised, too, that the secret is intact so far. So many times I've had to stop myself short from what I've been about to say. And a bunch of other people know about it and so far no one has said a thing.

      I'm really thrilled for the kids, though...they have no idea that their lives are about to change!

      Thanks Allison!


    2. I echo the poop scooper! It makes it fun for the kids, and then they fight for the job! Yay for delegation!!! Plus, if you have a garden spot, dig a bunch of little holes in advance to drop the poop into so that you can just, you know, fertilize. And not think about it in inclement weather.
      And when you go on walks with the new addition, everyone (as in kids) gets a poop bag, & they all learn how to pick it up, SO THAT YOU DON'T HAVE TO. Yeah, there have to be some perks. Part of the responsibility of being a dog owner, I tell them. Plus, I can't do it without barfing, so they all handle it, no questions asked.
      And when there are accidents inside, be sure to clean the floor with a product that will remove the smell, so that the poochie won't go back to the same place for a repeat event.
      Can't wait to see pictures!

    3. THx Cindy - great tips! And yes, there'd better be some perks in this investment!

      I plan yet to pick up some of that stuff to clean the floor - the thing that also removes the's on the list of yet-to-be-obtained. :)

      I THINK it's this weekend that the hypothetical dog becomes reality, but I'm waiting for confirmation...might be the following weekend. As soon as I can I'll post some pictures...he's really, really cute...IMHO. I think I'll be fighting the kids for the least I'll get him after they go to sleep!! :)