Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Seth and Snickerdoodles

Yesterday at our Learning Centre (LC), Seth and Lizzie participated in a "read and feed" session; it's like a book club for younger kids.  They are talking about Pippi Longstocking these days and, to accompany the discussion, the organizing mom baked snickerdoodle cookies with the kids (like Pippi did in the book).

Seth, who loves any carbs that come in soft, chewy format, adored these snickerdoodles right out of the oven, so I asked the other mom for the recipe and told Seth that we could bake them together sometime.  Seth's first words this morning were "when can we bake those cookie things from the LC yesterday?"

He proceeded, at just minutes after 7:00am, to scour the kitchen pantry and cupboards for all of the ingredients that he remembered from yesterday's baking session.  Within minutes he'd put onto the table:  a tetra pack of almond milk; the baking powder; salt; vanilla; coconut oil; cinnamon; the organic sugar; and oats (to make oat flour with).  He was going purely by visual memory and managed to collect about three quarters of the necessary ingredients.

This kid is so focussed when he's interested in's awesome!  I have a feeling that he was intending to recruit me to make the cookies for breakfast today, and he emitted a huge groan when I said that I was out of cream of tartar and that we'd have to make a stop at the grocery store before we could make the cookies.  I do have a feeling, however, that we'll be eating snickerdoodles for dessert at supper tonight!

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