Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Hello!  Anyone still out there?

It's been a while...by far my longest hiatus since starting this blog over five years ago.  At some point since I last put pen to paper, summer has morphed into fall, and the kids and I have fallen into the schedule that will see us through the winter and into spring.

Yesterday or the day before, as I was puttering about the kitchen Lizzie, having taken all of one piano lesson, was ticking the ol' ivories in a way that I never imagined possible.  My poor piano, I thought.  Then she began to sing - in a completely unrelated key, and in a tempo so different than that produced by her drumming fingers that I wondered how she could maintain both.  But what cracked me up were the words to her little song:  "I love my mo--mmmy with my whole whole hearrrrrrt, and I knnnnoww that I must, must must obeeeey her even when she's mean and tells me it's tiiiiimmme for bed and even though I knnnnnowww that she's wrrrrong about bedtime...I don't wwwwaaaannnnnnt (screeched) to listen to her, but I probably shooouuuld..."

It went on and on.  All of the indignities that Lizzie has apparently faced at my hands were brought forth in song:  The injustice of having only brothers and no sisters; the fact that she wasn't allowed to have a sleepover; the torment of not being able to eat as much junk food as she'd like; the horror of having to brush her teeth twice in one day.  I could almost see her rolling her eyes through parts of her song, feel as much as hear the sneer in her voice.  Her song of lamentation went on and on and touched upon a surprising number of subjects.  She could have written the book of Job...starred in it, actually.

It was awesome!

My first thought was that this was a moment I needed to remember.  I needed to blog it so that I could bring back, even years from now, the sound of that screechy little voice letting out all of her angst.

And so, with that small jolt to my system, I'm back.  It's been a great break, but there's still and always this part of me that can't quite conceive of staying away from the written word.


  1. Welcome back! Missed you and your stories.
    I hope that schooling, no matter what from it takes this year, has found a contented and forward-moving place for you and the kids. You would have been surprised by my open thoughts toward h/schooling during the past couple of weeks and its possible ties for my boys. Apparently aging dogs do learn new tricks!
    Happy Fall!

    1. Thanks Ellen...missed you too!

      I'd LOVE to hear more about your thoughts on h/schooling.

      And I have a post or two coming soon about our plans for this school year...stay tuned!



  2. Welcome back :-) Look forward to reading your thoughts and adventures.

  3. Thanks ladies! And Sharla, it's good to BE back!



  4. I'm so glad you're blogging again, and look forward to hearing about everyone!