Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Photos - Covering Up the Joy

Even when he's happy (as he is here), Seth's basic instinct is still to cover up the emotion.  The great news is that he's feeling more and more comfortable as time passes.  In the scene below, he was so excited about his birthday gift (learning about his two riding lessons) that his joy started out as an involuntary smile.  Within a sparse second, however, he quickly covered it up with a fist and tried so hard not to smile in an effort to gain control over his face (even as he's smiling in that first photo, his fist is poised, ready to cover his face).  In one picture, you can see him pulling down on his face near his eyes - this is his attempt to (literally) wipe the smile off his face.  Often at this point he buries his head under blankets or behind our backs or under our arms.

But, in a testament to the long way he's come in the past few years, you can still see that, despite his efforts, the joy is still there!


  1. Does Seth cover his face when he is angry or in tears?

    1. Interesting question! Yes and no is the answer. He used to all of the time, or hide his face, when he was angry or sad, or he'd run away. Now he rarely runs away, but might still bury his face for a while...but he's more often ok with me seeing the angry/sad tears, and seems to have a harder time with showing joy or great excitement.