Friday, June 27, 2014


Here are a few Lizzie tidbits from the last couple of weeks:

*  "Mommy, look.  My tummy is round.  My baby is about to hatch."

*  In response to Seth's frustration about her ongoing needling:  "Seth if you just ignore it when I bug you, eventually I'll get tired of bugging you and I'll just stop."

Short conversation between Lizzie and me:

Lizzie:  "Mommy, if I ever decide to get married, do I have to have babies out of my v*gina first or can I just adopt without babies coming out of my body?"

Me: "You can absolutely choose to adopt, whether or not you give birth."

Lizzie:  "Oh whew!  (huge sigh of relief)  Now I might change my mind and get married and have the man around as a friend; I don't have to do the s*x thing and I can still adopt babies and the babies can have me and the man as their parents."

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