Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A 'Novel' Start to the Morning

Normally Matthew is still sleeping at 7:15am.  But this morning, I walked by the boys' bedroom door and saw that the light was on.  I knew that Seth was downstairs so I looked in to the slightly open bedroom door, surprised that it was Matthew who must have turned on the light.

There he was, lying in bed, the book that he started reading last night in his hands.  He was reading.  In bed.  Voluntarily.

I must have made a noise because he suddenly looked over at the door.

"Mom," he said, no good morning in the offing.  "I got stuck on a word a couple of pages ago."

A couple of pages ago.  That fact itself sent a few shivers down my back.

It was the word anchor.  I helped him figure it out and then, when he immediately got engrossed in his book again, backed out of the room.  When I came downstairs, I asked his siblings to stay downstairs for the time being, just to give him a little more time before being attacked by the noise of siblings.

We're still adapting to the new normal.  I'm still wondering if this is for real and for how long this will last.  Hopefully forever...but even if not, I'm now completely and utterly convinced that reading is a part  of my children's futures.

P.S.  It's about 11am now and about 30 minutes ago I sent Matthew up for a shower and to wash his hair.  He just now came down and said that he'd read four chapters of the book I saw him reading in bed this morning.  I asked how he'd managed to find time to read that much and he told me that he'd asked Seth to hold his book open and flat against the glass wall of the shower so that he could read while he was showering; and that when he was ready for a page turn, he'd tap the glass and Seth would turn the page!  I'm hoping Seth got something out of that experience...and I'm hoping that Matthew's hair actually got washed!!


  1. Laughing 'til the tears came! Love that shower scene!
    He's hooked!

    Well done, Matthew!


  2. This is beyond hilarious!!!! How exciting for him and you!!!!!

  3. Reading in bed! So fabulous.
    So much of learning, is having the right conditions around one. So much of teaching (in my humble opinion) is about creating good conditions for learning. Sometimes we can't directly observe or prove what learning is happening, until the learner takes some great leap like Matthew has done. Sometimes it is hard to trust ourselves or the process until that moment. And of course it is never assured. YOU provided the right conditions (and time, and materials, and patience) for this to happen, Ruth. I hope you take great heart and courage from that. Onwards!
    Hey, did you ever read Maryanne Wolf's book "Proust and the Squid"? It reflects so well on the stories you have written and supports the way you are approaching reading in your educational endeavors. I just read this article in the Washington Post that cites her and is kind of about reading. Interesting.

    1. Just have a second!
      You are such an encouragement to me Jackie - thank you!
      No, never read Wolf's book - if I ever start to read more again, I'll read it!
      Will check out the article...thanks!

      Gotta run. Blessings,


  4. Ellen, Joanne, yes, I laughed so hard (trying not to let the boys see how hard I was laughing!!). I can just see Seth standing there!
    Gotta run. Hugs,