Saturday, March 29, 2014

Music: Walk off the Earth; and Parachute

A friend recently introduced me to the group Walk off the Earth, a rather quirky, multi-talented, five-piece band based in Burlington, Ontario.  They've been around for about five years, and I think they're another great contribution to the Canadian music scene.  They seem to sing a lot of covers put out by other artists, though I understand that they have also written original stuff.  I'm looking forward to seeing what this group puts out next.

Enjoy one song or enjoy them all!

Here's a song Walk off the Earth sings along with the Virginia-based group Parachute; I like this version better than I do the version of the original artist who wrote and sang it.  Enjoy "Happy."

Here is Walk off the Earth singing one of Adele's covers, Someone Like You.  Lovely.

Here's Walk off the Earth's version of Gotye's cover song, Somebody That I Used to Know...again, my preferred version over the original.

And enjoy Walk off the Earth's version of Lorde's song, Royals.  Very creative.

Remember at the top, I noted that Walk Off the Earth sang "Happy" together with the band Parachute?  Well, as a bit of a side note, enjoy this lovely little song, entitled "Kiss Me Slowly," sung by the talented Will Anderson, lead singer/songwriter for Parachute.  This song was co-written by Lady Antebellum, a group that I also happen to quite enjoy.

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