Monday, March 24, 2014

Another Baby??

A conversation around the lunch table this weekend:

Seth:  "Mom, you'd like to have another kid in the family, wouldn't you...I know you."

Me:  "Darlin' that's a conversation that's been had and done.  Our family is complete."

Seth:  "I know you could adopt, but would it be possible for you to be pregnant?"

Me (remembering many years of fertility struggles as well as current age, but not wanting to make this conversation about either of those things):  "Well, technically, I suppose that's a possibility, but it's very, very, very unlikely. gonna happen!"

Matthew (bumping his fists together):  "Why?  You and Dad would need to do the ba-da ba-da moves and make it possible."

(giggles from all three kids)

Me (laughing):  "You mean s*x?"

Matthew:  "Yeah, but I'd rather not use that word about you."

Seth:  "Sooo....are we going to have another baby, then?"

Me:  "No, Seth.  We.  Are.  Not."

P.S.  I have no idea where Matthew got that kind of language or the fist-bumping thing.  We have only ever used correct terminology...and never fist bumping descriptions!  We're not a family which re-names private parts or anything like that.  But I sure did laugh when he said it!

(Note: I use the asterisk above to reduce the number of unwanted visitors to this blog, because this is such a commonly used search word...hopefully you're still able to figure out what I was trying to write!!)


  1. This made me chuckle!
    Somebody here has started the campaign for another sibling. Specifically for a sister, younger than he is but older than his little brother. Hmmmm... Wanting a playmate that is not just like his little strong-willed brother. Would a sister not want to play with her big brother's toys?
    The problem is, I have not had the conversation (with myself?) that the family is done. I just know it is not growing anytime soon. And a girl? That would involve "doing hair" would it not? Does he not realize that he would then have 2 siblings that would require more hair time than he and I put together? An
    Ah well, not happening anytime soon as far as I know!
    Before little brother arrived I seem to recall many conversations about how "Mommy should have a baby in her tummy", but the reality seems to have set in that this will not be happening.
    Thanks for the chuckle!

    1. I'm happy to oblige! And thanks for the return laugh! You're a brave and wondrous woman, Ellen!